Supporting our Nothern Justice System

It is important to support our justice system in Northern Manitoba.

Our government has made a major commitment by passing legislation enabling communities like Thompson to deploy community safety officers. This will provide additional policing that will allow the RCMP to focus on its prime responsibilities. 

We have also urged the federal government to restore its share of funding for the justice system to protect residents of this province. 
The federal government is putting residents of First Nations communities at risk by cancelling funding for the Band Constable Program, which provides 31 Manitoba First Nations with front-line public safety, as of March 31, 2015.  This will force First Nations, especially those in remote locations, to rely on distant RCMP detachments that are unable to respond quickly to community needs. Continue reading

Closing the Achievment Gap

Our government has unveiled Closing the Achievement Gap:  Success for Every Student, an action plan focused on improving academic achievement for all Manitoba students.  Continue reading

Celebrating Abilities

It is time we fully recognized the contributions of people with disabilities in Manitoba. It is time we value the skills and contributions of all Manitobans. Continue reading

Significant Increase in Infrastructure Investment

We recently released our first annual report on infrastructure investment in Manitoba. Continue reading

Investing in Northern Roads

We are making a major investment on Northern roads. Continue reading

Mining Important to Northern Manitoba

How significant is mining to Manitoba?

Mining and petroleum industries are the second-largest primary resource industry in Manitoba’s economy.  In 2013, capital expenditures on mining and petroleum development totalled an estimated $1.4 billion and the industries accounted for approximately seven per cent of provincial GDP and 8.7 per cent of total exports.  The value of mining and petroleum production in 2013 totalled more than $3 billion. Continue reading


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